Emoji Basket


An app built with ReactJS helps in finding the meaning of emoji through search or by clicking on the emoji.

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Kaun Banega Crorepati


A quiz app on react js .

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Mern stock

stock market mern

A stock news project is created using mern stack technology . Include google auth , like , comment , search , filter , pagination feature .

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Ecommerce Backend

nodejs pro backend

A production-grade backend related to e-commerce created using Nodejs that can run in any web & mobile application.

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Created using HTML , CSS, it displays all my important links here . Insted of typing i just click on this & reach where i wanted to go .

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Risby Restaurant


Created using Gatsby & Contentful CMS. This project was created when I was trying to learn the JAM stack. The time it takes to load is less than 2s.

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ignitee image gaming informaiton

A webapp created on React & Redux display informaiton related to video game . All the content display here is coming from hitting rawg.io api .

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Stock Calculator

bata stock price tracer

A vanilla js app shows how much profit or loss users are making in ₹ and % form stocks.

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A bloging webpage created using html , css.

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Quiz & triangle


An app built with vanillaJS that performs different calculations related to area, hypotenuse,isTriangle & is also include a fun triangle quiz ..

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